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International oil company Oilap is entering the U.S. market. Oilap has long established itself as a reliable player in the oil and lubricant market for many large companies around the world, including major ports, farms, gas stations and supermarket chains. Lubricants produced by Oilap are also widely used in instrumentation, aviation and space technology.

Oilap oil changing stations represent a rather extensive network and are actively developing with the support of the parent company. The constant demand for high-quality engine oils from car owners is what fuels it.

Company Oilap

Now we can offer motorists some of the most competitive prices on the motor oil market because our company imports directly from manufacturing plants and has its own logistics facilities all over Europe. Oilap's main goal is to solve economic, environmental, and social development problems. At the same time, we offer the best customer service for Oilap lubricants.

Oilap does its best to increase the popularity of Oilap products in North America and all over the world, we participate in various international exhibitions and industry seminars. Our team of specialists develops Oilap marketing campaigns, resulting in the most effective and up-to-date marketing tools for the Oilap brand.

Oilap's mission

The management is committed to supporting the social welfare of employees. In addition, during the company's professional holidays, certificates of merit and material rewards were awarded to special employees for great achievements and contributions to the company's development.

We offer high-quality Oilap lubricants and various programs for the industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as a range of additional services for your company.

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