What is a promotional code and how to use it correctly?

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promotional code

In simple terms, the term promo code consists of two parts - promo and code. That is, it is a unique set of numbers and / or letters distributed by the store for advertising purposes. All people love free promotional codes and discounts, but for the seller, this works very well to expand the client audience. Where can I get this sequence of characters? There are special aggregators of promotional codes that distribute coupons for free, for example, Walmart promo code. Don't know how to use a promo code correctly? Let's try to understand this issue.

Types of promo codes

Discount. It is immediately clear that this sequence of characters gives you the right to reduce the cost of the goods. Usually the discount is expressed as a percentage and can be 5-70% of the original cost of the goods. The seller regulates this moment.

Using this type of promotional code, you order goods at the regular price, but the seller will put a free gift with the order. Important: free may mean the purchase of goods for 1 ruble, check the details on the website of the online store.
For free shipping. In many online stores, delivery is paid, but with such a promotional code, it will be at the expense of the seller.

Cashback promo codes

We singled them out into a separate category, since this innovation appeared relatively recently. The concept of cashback means a deferred discount, that is, the return of a certain part of the money spent on the purchase of a particular product / service. Cashback can be returned with bonuses or money, carefully read the terms of the promotion.

How to use promo code?

You add purchases to your cart as usual and proceed to checkout when the order has already been placed. In the shopping cart on the seller's website there should be a separate field for entering the promotional code, so you need to enter the existing character code into it. If you did everything correctly, the amount in the basket will be recalculated taking into account the discount or information about the gift will appear, depending on the type of promotional code. If nothing has changed, we recommend that you return to the basket and repeat the procedure again.

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