What is the difference between applying for an ESTA and a visa?

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To cross the state border of any country, foreign citizens must have an appropriate visa, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties. In practice, many states agree on a simplified border crossing regime in order to develop tourism and simply strengthen relations. For example, for citizens of VWP member countries visiting the United States of America is possible without a visa, subject to the submission of an ESTA. It is necessary to fill out the application correctly, and this can be done online.

What are the differences from obtaining a visa?

The online ESTA viza applicaion usa must be filled out carefully, as if there are errors, entry will be denied. Verification usually takes no more than 5 days, but it all depends on the current number of applications and the characteristics of the information provided. Unlike applying for a visa, you do not have to collect a package of documents, pay a consular fee and pass an interview. If the form is filled out correctly, the person receives an entry permit without additional conditions.

The ESTA entry permit will be valid for 2 years or until the expiration of the passport if this happens in less than 2 years. This is also different from a visa, which provides for other conditions. For example, even if the passport has expired, but it has a valid visa, then if the client has a new valid passport, he will be able to travel on the old visa. ESTA visa usa application allows you to visit the United States several times a year, but each visit must not exceed 90 calendar days.

It is important to note that border control may refuse to let a person through ESTA if it is suspected that he is not trying to enter the United States for the purpose of tourism, transit or business. If a person is going to study in America or wants to get a job, then he needs to open an appropriate visa. The ESTA program is designed exclusively for non-short-term trips. It is optimal for tourists who can gradually explore all the sights of the United States, dividing their visits into different states.

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