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Every postgraduate student who has the intention of gaining an academic rank and then writing a PhD should first of all be able to complete research papers, which will be a proof of their creative work and an indicator of their research activity. Quite often such papers mark the future place of work. Ph.D. graduates who read an excellent article with a nice topic may offer the author to collaborate with them. Such papers are compulsory for dissertations, which are not accepted without them. In addition, the articles should be published according to the requirements and published in scientific journals. It is necessary to choose the right topic so that the work has scientific value. It is important to avoid the usual analysis of the literature in this direction and to formalise personal thoughts and use the knowledge gained in practice.

Writing a research paper requires following many rules for the layout of the text

Before you undertake writing your dissertation, you should publish sample ready papers on the chosen topic. It is good if the articles clearly describe each point of the plan. The formatting should be according to standards, and the papers themselves are mostly printed in anthologies. In addition, each editorial board has its own rules for the publications they accommodate on the pages of the publications.

You should know that it is worthwhile to take up this task well in advance of the defence and not just before the defence itself. All publications of research articles must be printed before the thesis is accepted. It should also be taken into account that it is not advisable to have several articles from the same student in an issue. It is also unacceptable to have two papers with the same name in different publications. Posting articles by a graduate student one month before the defence can have a negative impact on the committee's opinion.

Writing research papers takes a lot of time and patience, as you also have to deal with the dissertation itself. For a couple of pages of text you need to find a lot of literature, analyse each and select the most important. Then be sure to format it according to the standards. Even if there are those who try to write articles personally, not everyone will have the opportunity to follow through.

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