Mobifikatsiya or what modding mobile phone


Mobile phone for a long time is not a luxury, rather it is optionallygo to the daily lives of everyone. The truth is that users make of your phone is not only a means of communication, and expensive accessory that highlights their personality.

If a standard mobile phone you're tired and you want to show their design skills, or to stand out from the crowd, then you continuousMenno need to do it modding. If a word in the English language, the modding (modding) means: modification, change. These changes may relate to both internal and external parameters of the mobile phone.

Who is the real "moddingovy boom" takes place in Europe, various modifications in one or another kind are subject to bothan 60% of mobile phones. According to research users often: decorate their phones with rhinestones, accessories, download your favorite tunes and and experimenting with the design of your gadget.
Now the European mobile market modification experts estimate at about thirty million. Euro, and analysts predict the future growth of this segmentcient for more than one hundred percent. Now the Internet has one term - "mobifikatsiya" which defines the process of modding a mobile phone. Many of us met on the internet queries: "tuning mobile phone", "", "upgrade your phone", and so on. D. - All this is nothing innoe as modding.

Mobifikatsiya as it is

Samu" mobifikatsiyu "can be divided into 2 types: partial or complete upgrade of the software and improve the external characteristics of a mobile phone. In this article we will talk about improving the design of a mobile phone.

Making mobile phone housing precious, semiprecious stones and crystals

These services are offered by most companies that specialize in modding mobile phones. The last time I thank the representative of show business and socialite, this service has become particularly popular   - everyone knows that the girl's best friend - it is diamonds.
Need Only select: stones numberSize and pattern that will be paved with them. Only your imagination and skill to master restrict the conversion of your mobile phone in the piece of jewelry. It is worth noting that this service does not come cheap. Therefore, if you strongly want to decorate your cell phone, but not enough money, you can buy crystals and stick them on their own coreCCP your phone. By the way, Paris Hilton your own mobile papered with rhinestones. I can only envy her perseverance and tenacity, because the process is very time-consuming, if you do something wrong as it is necessary - just fly off crystals from the body of your mobile phone.


Airbrushing - it patterning on a wooden or metal surface using a special apparatus - airbrush. We will apply the pattern on our mobile phone. So if with stones and rhinestones your mobile phone you can decorate yourself, airbrushing is best to entrust the master -modderu. You can select a picture from the catalogand either bring your own master. Terms of performance and price are determined depending on the complexity of the work, in addition, you can leave your suggestions that are sure to be taken into account by the wizard. After processing the order master reset on your e-mail prepared sketches. In general, everything is simple and clear.


Laser engraving - the removal of waste material from the surface of the workpiece by means of its sublimation under the influence of a focused laser beam of enormous power. Apparatus for laser engraving is controlled on an ordinary personal computer, while it is possible to import images from the usual editorialtori vector graphics. Laser engraving is high quality, resolution, and accuracy of performance, but most importantly - it is able to ensure the durability of the applied unreal image that is not available to other types of application images. Figure coated onto the surface by laser engraving a mobile phone, will beXia on it forever. Modern laser technologies offer tremendous opportunities for engraving - you can easily create true works of "mobile art".

titanium sputtering

Recently, a service for spraying or coating metal surfaces with a chemical solution (NitraIthomi titanium) was the least popular as a mobile phone and inlaid rhinestones - because after that the phone looks not just a "glamorous" and "status", which in turn attracts the attention of men. Durable and rich finish with titanium nitrite perfectly mimics the silver and the gold, makes this mobile phone with a really stylish and original.In addition to the merits of the decorative cover there is also a safety - with the help of a mobile phone will last much longer than using a factory building.

Cover Chameleon

One of the modern trends « mobile tuning » is to cover the Chameleon (special paint). Toproducing such a high-tech coatings used enamel, which has certain properties - they give an opportunity to get exclusive coverage, which, depending on the lighting and angle of view changes color. This optical illusion fails sozdaetsya by using special pigments and interference of light. Such a coatinge can change color from light green to silver, from red to golden   and so on. d. - all on request.

Embedding LED

LED is a representing a semiconductor device that by passing electric current through it - emits incoherent light whose color Featuresakteristiki depend on the chemical composition.
If the LED is located in the mobile phone: on the rear panel, side or under the keys - this makes the phone glow from within. Any color: blue, green, yellow, red, pink, blue - will make your cell phone more attractive. It all depends on your imagination: specular, Merzdigits together, iridescent colors and so on. d.

There are an infinite number of external "mobifikatsy" from inlay stones or sequins, ending with airbrushing and laser engraving. All modifications are very labor-intensive, but with the right approach gives long-lasting results. And what modding choose - it is up to you.

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