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House of block-containers - an innovation worthy of attention

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All is possible in lessstretit people who tend to choose between a low price and high quality. Especially when it comes to questions of construction of residential premises. The choice of construction technology in such cases, based on several critical factors: the durability of the future building, the amount of cash investments in the construction, building construction and reliabilitylevel of comfort within the exploited areas. If you combine all these factors and look at them objectively, we can determine the most rational decision regarding the choice of construction technology.

At the present time, in wide circles of becoming a very popular technology of prefabricated modular construction. After all, it is abouttvechaet most of those requirements that apply to modern premises. And if a few years ago, modular buildings used exclusively for the construction of   temporary huts and production facilities (that have nothing to do with the comfortable and modern accommodation), but now the situation has changed « the root & raquo ;.Today, people are increasingly resorting to the use of modular block containers, cycling them in a wide variety of construction projects. And such buildings as modular dormitory, modular hotel, holiday home or – surprise someone else, it will be very difficult. But, nevertheless, many developers are in no hurry to resort to the use of block-concontainers in their construction practice. And it is in vain, because modern block modules are continuously improved and demonstrate quality, very relevant to the scope of residential construction. On the advantages of block-containers intended for arranging premises today and we want to talk.

To begin with, that constructsovert features of a modern block container allows its owner to count at least 20 years of continuous operation. In principle, - this is the best term that applies for country construction, and for any other kind of suburban sites. Given the fact that the construction of any module object – is a fast andnot too time-consuming process - such lines service justifies construction investment.

Go ahead. The cost of materials used in the manufacture of block-containers, largely determines the final cost of a modular home. And when you consider that the original materials are not scarce and expensive commodity - constructioninvestments are reduced at times.

So, we have found that the houses of the block-containers – cheap, high-quality and practical. But what kind of housing, which lacks the usual conditions for comfort? Fortunately, the developers of modular structures and provided this side of the   question. Therefore, pre-fabricated homesthere is anything that can be attributed to familiar to us the benefits of civilization: from the excellent design solutions and ending vitally necessary systems of utilities (electricity, cable systems, heating, gas, sewer, and more). In general, from whatever side you look at - home building block of containers&Ndash; it is quite acceptable way to fulfill their dream of affordable quality housing.

Currently, the construction of dwellings based on the flow of containers – this is quite a new direction for our country. While in the West and in Europe - you can watch the real dawn « era bystrovozvodimOn Construction & raquo ;. By the way, abroad (in most developed countries), people first learned to implement a wide variety of modular projects (of any complexity and purpose). It is for this reason that we are slightly behind them in the art. But the technology of modular construction is continually evolving, becoming more asslar. This means that Russia is still to come.

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