The presentation equipment: interactive whiteboard

< p style = "text-align: left;"> In our time, a business meeting or activity at the university is very difficult to repravit without prezintatsii, which, in turn, is very difficult to do without. Very interesting kind of presentation equipment is an interactive board, which today plays a very important role in the learning process. Let's look at its features.

The positive and negative aspects of interactive whiteboards


  • Big screen;
  • Touch Panel;
  • Convenient colored markers, designed to highlight the main explanation in the material;
  • Lessons which use interactive whiteboard helps withdrawncheniyu art student (student), increased motivation, improved organization of the group or class of students;
  • increases the activity of students (pupils);
  • Time saving: the right information the student (student) can be seen on the blackboard while her teacher just aboutbyasnyaet;
  • Interactive whiteboards promote the interest of the student (student) in the learning process;
  • Can be used in the educational process of several different materials: video, audio, images, internet resources and other materials;
  • It promotes distance learning opportunities, operational control of knowledge and the development of social and personal skills, providing more opportunities to participate in collective work.


The drawbacks when working with an interactive whiteboard rather small. Personally, I was able to allocate only Odien: to prepare lessons with interactive whiteboard need more time and effort than usual. Even if you are preparing a presentation and insert back the video, you will have a linear presentation, which you can fast-forward and, if desired, ago. In the course of employment, you can not change anything in it - will not work. But, say, MS PowerPoint hasfeature that allows you to make remarks during a slide show - roughly speaking, to draw on them. And you do not need to approach the computer and pick up the mouse. Staying at the board, you do not lose contact with the audience.

What does the interactive whiteboard:

  • It stimulates and motivates pupils cognitive activity;
  • Allows you to expand and be more creative approach to the provision of information for students, thus increasing the dynamism of almost any lesson;
  • Promotes appropriate organization of collective work of students in the classroom, and in addition, the development of socialthe important traits;
  • It gives students an understanding of complex ideas through the intuitive, efficient and dynamic presentation of the material.

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