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The main element is SuperThermekomoduli is composed of magnets made of the rare earth element-based (neodymium), and the coated ceramic layer emits infrared rays long, and tend to aggregate in a constant magnetizing force. Eco modules are designed to act on liquid or gaseous fuels. Let's analyze the difference neodymiummagnet and ferrite magnet.

1. By the power neodymium magnet exceed ferrite. Thus for the same linear dimensions of neodymium magnet ferrite exceeds somewhere ten times! The same applies to: strength of magnetization, magnetic energy, residual magnetism. By all measures, neodymium magnets have the advantage.

2. The period during which the magnets retain magnetic characteristics. So ferrite magnet loses its magnetic properties in 8-10 years, while the neodymium magnet loses about 1% for 100 years.

3. Neodymium magnets can be made completely of any shape, while the ferrite magnets, often made in the form of ato lie in wait.

you can online and enjoy the benefits of neodymium. &Nbsp;

Historical facts

The action of magnetic fields on hydrocarbons or water, despite the fact that this phenomenon has become known since 1930, was still only partially explained by the second pologuilt of the last century.

It is known that in 1930 Chinese fishermen used magnets on the engines of their boats to increase their operating range. They imitated « veterans » Muro Bay in California, which put magnets in a U shape around their pipelines with fuel.

During the Second World War electromagnets used on combat aircraft Spitfire (GB) allies to increase their operating range. At the same time, the German manufacturer Messerschmitt developed a device made of ceramics, Mustang (USA), Hurricane and surrounded by magnetic studs, through which the fuel passes. Thus inwas given to minimize the black exhaust fighters and bombers (better combustion, hence less exhaust emissions).

Some theories have been applied in practice only after the appearance of permanent magnets is very strong (ferrite or rare earth). The first patent dates back to 1890. This was done in GermanAI France and Cabell (France et Cabell), improving the water quality through the use of magnets. At the beginning of the 20th century, Van der Waals (Van der Waals) (Netherlands) opened structure in the form of a cluster of hydrocarbon molecules. In 1910 he received the Nobel Prize, but due to lack of strong magnets at the time prevented any commercial andUsing this invention. In the 30-ies of two American scientists and Parcel Unit (Purcell et Bloc), the Nobel Prize in 1952 for his work on nuclear magnetic resonance, prove the action of magnetic fields on the nuclei of atoms.

10 years later (1940 ) Belgian Virmire T. (T. Vermeiren) conducts research on the effects of magnetismon water quality. It was followed by studies of other followers, such as Dean and Simon IRTO Ruskin in 1950 (Dean Moddy et Simon Ruskin), Roland Carpenter in 1970 (Roland Carpenter), Peter Kulish in 1980 in the United States (Peter Kulish), Marcel Violet in 1950 in France (Marcel Violet), Saburo Miyata Moriya in 1960in Japan (Saburo Miyata Moriya), Usmanov in 1975 in the Soviet Union. (Also, "The action of the magnetic field of the earth magnets and Pierre Martignac" (Pierre Martignac), publication Granshe Jacques (Jacques Grancher) - ISBN: February 7339 05449).

Preface about the principle of action

It is known that no complete scientific issledper secution (theoretical science and applied science) was not in fact carried out to explain the action of magnetic fields on the liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

Since the beginning of the last century (See above.) Numerous studies in a variety of well-known laboratories argued that if the magnetic Saver properly designed, it Therefore wetoyaschemu effective and improves combustion. But still need vidabstraguvatisya stereotypes and be sufficiently restrained to compare what can be compared.

Today it is still found a lot of skepticism, which is fueled by some particular products with questionable concept and efficiency. With aboutRing road use solutions that are sold over the past 18 years, we and our klienty- (more than 800 professional reviews and thousands of ordinary) can confirm that properly designed ekomoduli actually very effective.

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