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attack of epilepsy

Maybe you have already seen an attack of epilepsy, perhaps not, but epilepsy is found in more than one percent of our citizens. Especially susceptible are people seeing an attack of epilepsy, can themselves behave inappropriately, for example, numb, or faint. So how do you give first aid to man, which is frantically beating on the floor or ground from another attack of epilepsy?

Order of actions at an attack of epilepsy

First you need to calm yourselves. Be aware that such an attack passes very soon, you just need to give a little help to man. Do not try to forcibly stop the seizures, you will only hurt. Remove any dangerous objects on which the person may hit or cause injury. Place him on a flat part of the floor or ground. Take care so that his head was lying on something soft. For this fit pillow, the bag in which there is no very solid things, or anything out of your clothes. During the attack saliva may go out of the victim's mouth. To avoid interference with breathing, put his head on the side. Also, if you will turn the person to one side completely, it will save him if it will be the urge to vomit. Try to ensure the access of air, you can loosen the belt and tie. At this time, your mission is completed. Do not try to do artificial respiration or unclench his teeth. Also don't give the patient epilepsy infusions or medications prohibited. Typically, the duration of the attack does not exceed five minutes. When the victim comes to mind, you must give him some time to rest. It is advisable to call the doctor.

When the attack does not end in a few minutes, then call to the doctor needs to be done immediately. The same should be done if the patient got an injury.

And wait until the doctor comes or when the attack ended and the person wakes up.

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