Turkey, Egypt or Bulgaria?


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Tours on the coast of Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria are very popular among our tourists. Many people are looking forward to holidays to rest at the desired resort. What to choose - hot Egypt, picturesque Turkey or sunny Bulgaria?. 


Egypt is good at the cold season. Starting from the end of February, air and water temperature on the coast of the Red Sea crawling up. A perfect rest in Egypt is in March-April or October-November. In the summer the wind is blowing from Sahara, and the air became unbearably hot.


In Turkey, the beach season begins from the end of the April and lasts until October. Summer can be too hot, and prices in July and August are astronomical. May, in my opinion, the most ideal month for a holiday in Turkey. Warm sea, lush greenery and lots of colors - all of which help to make the rest perfect.


Bulgaria could become an alternative to traditional holiday in the Crimea and the Azov Sea. Sunny Beach and Golden Sands are famous for the huge sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Holidays in Bulgaria is suitable for a quiet family holiday with children and for the young people.

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