Why Swiss watches are the best in the world?

Swiss Watches

All over the world, Swiss watches are the best and most prestigious accessory in any area of human activity. For some, a watch is an integral part of high status, for others, a financial investment in the future, and for someone, simply the best form of gift for a loved one. Regardless of the purpose of acquiring high-quality accessories, their cost implies serious money. Trying to figure out why Swiss watches are so expensive, you need to start from the general concept of watchmaking, which is based not only on complex and original mechanisms, but also on expensive jewelry made from precious materials and stones.

In addition to external aesthetic data, the real beauty of Swiss watches lies in the movement of the mechanisms themselves. At this stage of understanding, many watchmaking connoisseurs use a comparison of Swiss masterpieces with cars, where you can only feel the features of the movement or the design finish on the go. By the way, to buy real Swiss Watches today you do not even need to go to the country of watchmakers. In Europe, they have long been bought online. For example, you can buy them in the online store https://guardianoftime.co.uk, which have free delivery in Europe and a guarantee for their watches.

Swiss Watches

"+" and "-" of Swiss watches

In modern times, many people prefer high-quality goods. If we talk about watches, then the standard of luxury are models from Switzerland. They are associated with wealth, prestige. For example, a TAG Heuer watches are made of pink gold. Similar products can be found on the wrist of a man from a high society. The features of such exclusive accessories will be described below.


  1. In the manufacturing process, quality materials are used (gold, silver, platinum).
  2. Products are not subject to corrosion.
  3. Swiss watch movements are assembled on high-tech equipment.
  4. Time display error is not allowed.
  5. The smooth operation of the watch is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  6. Great design will attract enthusiastic looks for a long time.
  7. Resist moisture.
  8. The natural strap is treated with a special compound, which prevents premature wear of the product.


  • High price.
  • Repair is not possible in every workshop.

Swiss Watches

How to care?

  1. Clean and lubricate the product several times a year. It is advisable to entrust these manipulations to the master of a specialized company.
  2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  3. Before visiting the sauna or shower, remove the product from the wrist.
  4. Avoid contact with electromagnetic field.
  5. Periodically wipe the case and dial with a dry cloth.

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