What you need to know when creating a website?

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The number of sites on the WEB is growing every day. Today, every self-respecting company has its own website on the Internet, thousands of companies make money using websites. And if you want to join them, then you should create you own web resource. By the way on the blueglass.ee you can read more about site creation (kodulehe tegemine).

Websites can be of various kinds:

  • commercial and non-commercial;
  • personal sites or blogs;
  • company sites;
  • online stores;
  • information portals and etc.

You can create a site in the following ways:

  1. Alone in a notebook. When using this method, you can implement any idea and fantasy, but you need to know programming languages or seek help from developers.
  2. Redo the template. Website templates can be bought or downloaded for free on the Internet. You can redo them at your discretion for the features of the site, but you need skills to work with photo editors.
  3. Use a content management system (CMS). It's uploaded to the hosting, a domain is connected to it and the site is set up at its discretion. Here you also need programming skills.
  4. Build a site in the designer. This is the fastest and easiest way that does not require programming skills. But the site and functionality are limited here, it is impossible to remake something to your taste.

Creating a site yourself can be divided into several stages:

  • Choosing the domain name. The site name should match the content of your future project. You can create a name for yourself or buy it. After choosing a name, make sure that another company is no longer using it.
  • Registration of the domain name. To register a domain name, you must select the appropriate hosting. It is better to choose a hosting with unlimited traffic to upload both text and audio and video files to the site. Domain registration sometimes takes up to 48 hours.
  • Development of the layout. Here you can choose a ready-made layout on the Internet or contact professional developers.
  • Website structure. The arrangement of images and text on the pages of the site is written in the HTML code. This code is generated by the control program on the server, which, at the request of the user, collects the necessary information from the database.
  • Content. When the site structure is ready, it remains to fill it with information.
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