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There are many advantages of using ceiling heating. The main appeal of this type of heating is that it heats the interior space in the same way as the sun heats the earth. does not require fans or vents. The only necessary equipment - heating elements in the ceiling. Every place that installed items will have separate control panel for temperature changes (above / below).


In the market there are several different types of heaters from which you can choose:

  • Gerandy. As the name implies, this kind of heating system uses water for heating. The water is heated in the boiler. Then flows through the pipes in all the rooms that need heating. This type of system is especially popular for use under roads, where winters are very severe. They prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on the roads.
  • Traditional. In this type of system the heat is used to heat all parts of the interior to form hot spots or cold spots. Because radiant heat must not move the air mass during the heating space, pollutants and dust are not moving within your home. In addition, it provides flexibility in decorating, as you do not need to plan the system baseboard or floor fans.
  • Radiant. This system heats the room from top to bottom. This is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home and save up to 20% of your costs of heating.

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There are many benefits of selecting a ceiling heater for your home:

  • You can significantly reduce heating costs.
  • Because these systems heat your home like the sun heats the earth, there are no holes for cleaning. There are no chemical spills and no problem with pressure, leading to destruction of the system.
  • Since there is no need in fans and blowers for the circulation of heat flow of heat, these components do not require maintenance. It also eliminates the need for filters.
  • These heating systems do not use air just as it does a more traditional system. The only air that is used is the air inside the internal space, which heats up the radiant heat. Under heat thus produced drafts, and the house doesn't circulate dust.

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