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the height of your house is extremely susceptible to damage. On the roof falls under the rain, hail, snow and direct sun. In other words, the various elements (including the leaves and branches of trees) can gather in your gutter year round. It is therefore important to constantly maintain and clean the gutter system to prevent its destruction. Also your roof may be at risk in the winter when there can be snow and ice crust that may have formed directly in the troughs, impeding proper drainage, and cause serious threats to your roof.

Winter snow accumulates on top of your home. However, when the temperature rises, it will slowly melt. Melt water drains into gutters and pipes, which then carry the moisture off your roof. But Mother nature is fickle and the temperature between day and night fluctuates frequently. And sometimes the melted ice may freeze again on metal gutters, eaves, roof edges and downpipes. If it happens frequently enough, ice buildup can prevent proper passes. These ice blockages take a long time to melt, because they are often hidden from direct sunlight. This creates a small dam in your gutters, and as the snow continues to melt, the water has nowhere to run.

Despite the fact that there are many solutions to eliminate the snow and other problems with the roof (radiant barriers, proper ventilation, proper insulation), the best way to solve this problem is thermal . It's a bit like the extension cord, which is wrapped in insulated rubber to make it moisture-proof and grounded, but the wire hanging around your roof and placed in your gutters.

When it is activated, it radiates heat and helps to melt the ice, which in turn allows you to properly drain the water. It will also melt intense snow, to prevent possible formation of ice.

Heat cable roof available for the masses and can help to avoid large repair costs in the future. In addition, you can even buy models with adapters, which regulate the temperature of the outside air and automatically activates the heating cable to the roof when the air drops below zero.

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