Sprocket chainsaw: maintenance and replace the


Sprocket chainsaw plays a key role in her work. If you are a Forester or offer any services on the tree, chainsaw is an integral part of your work. This equipment is used for cutting trees and branches, and is very durable. But at the same time, the chainsaw has a number of moving parts which are subject to considerable wear and tear depending on how often and how long you use it.

One of the most important components of the chainsaw is awesome. If you feel that the saw is skipped, twitches or has resistance or tension, it is a indication that needs to be replaced. Inspect your chain and check tension. If you notice signs of unusual wear inspect the individual components of the actuator as the lower part of the link moves along the rail.

It is important to do for tires, since rails can also wear unevenly, which can affect the chain and sprocket is more of a snowball effect that requires to ensure that all components, including your stars, was the best.


Maintenance drive sprocket chainsaw

Wear sprockets not only affects the efficiency and performance of your chain saws, but can also lead to wear of all other components connected to it. If you continue to use worn sprockets, it will eventually cause damage to the units actuator; in turn, they broaden the groove of the tire and affect the cutting action, which further accelerates the wear of all parts of your chainsaw.

Repairs can become very expensive, especially for long patterns. Despite the fact that maintenance of stars is an important aspect of General maintenance of chainsaws, many experts in woodworking tend to ignore it. Sprocket ideally should be replaced every 2-3 chains. It is also important that you buy a sprocket that is compatible with your chain saw.


Types of replacement sprockets chainsaw:

  • Rim + sprocket. This allows cheaper and easier to replace the rim, which is a component which drives the chain. They tend to wear out much faster than with stars, but they are much cheaper to replace.
  • Cylindrical stars. They lead the circuit directly from the Torx teeth of the sprocket. If they are worn, you will have to replace the entire sprocket. While they tend to wear out much slower than disks and are more expensive to replace.
  • Bearings sprocket. Sometimes you need to replace the sprocket bearing. For this you only need to remove the sprocket, remove the old bearing and replace it with a new one.

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