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Playing tennis, there comes a time when the lease racket stops you make. I want to buy your own. Comfortable and, most importantly, individual. So you can practice and master this sport not only on the removable court, but at home to practice. this is a good exercise, and fun for the soul. Therefore, the choice of racket for the big tennis should come in a special way and know what are they and what you need to pay attention.

the Classification of bats

  1. Heavy. In the handle are not formed strong vibration, large Central area of the strings (the SweetSpot Central place where the ball with good playing technique). Powerful blows, but less maneuverable;
  2. the
  3. Rim a large area. Twist, allows you to make powerful strikes, the SweetSpot has a large area. Minus a small term of operation strings;
  4. the
  5. Hard. Large SweetSpot, powerful blows, but the vibrations in the handle strongly felt;
  6. the
  7. Thick rim. With powerful strokes. When you hit the ball, he can catch the rim. Especially if it is cut, a curveball;
  8. the
  9. Long. Powerful blows, but less maneuverability.

the Species of bats

in Addition to the classification of rackets they are still different species. They also need to know in order to choose the most convenient option for yourself. The sports section usually acquaint beginners with different options of rackets for tennis, but not always.

  1. Powerful racket. This kind of speaks for itself. The impact with them is stronger than usual. They have a big head, light weight, size is slightly longer and the balance shifted to the head;
  2. the
  3. club racket. A good option for intermediate level athletes but beginners will be comfortable to use. It's light, the head and long increased, the center of gravity away from the center of the racket has excellent manoeuvrability;
  4. the
  5. With a high level of control. Designed for professionals. Head is small, flexible rim, the balance toward the handle, standard length increased with higher maneuverability.

so, if you decided to visit the tennis courts, or already doing it and before you began the question of choosing a racket for tennis, keep in mind, the main thing to decide what is your technique. It can be offensive, defensive. At first, you can choose a long or racket with a large head, while the second priglyanites to the standard options.

Sports clubs have good coaches and experts who will help you to choose the racket for the big tennis. Best of all, if you refer to them before making a purchase.

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