Choosing the right shoes for kids


Children - this is important in the life of any person, so you need to buy them all nailuchshee. You don't need to worry too much about the quality of shoes that children wear only occasionally, but at the same time all kids need one good pair for everyday wear that needs to be sturdy, to properly keep the child's foot and have rubber soles to stand firmly on his feet.

Each Shoe is designed for a specific function , says employee online store that is sold for an affordable price. For example, sandals designed to be worn on the beach or in the pool, not for running. At this age the bones of the foot is very soft. Wearing poorly fitted shoes deform the feet of your kid, but if his shoes will not support the foot, this can lead to all sorts of abnormalities, such as flat feet .

You should buy your child only quality shoes. For example, if your child needed glasses, you can't buy them from the supermarket shelf instead of having to go to optics. More expensive shoes will be made of better materials and was developed by the manufacturer who knows all about the feet of children, and how better to support .


the Right pair of shoes naturally conforms to the shape of the foot, it should have enough space inside so that the fingers are not clenched together. The materials must be breathable leather or mesh. Shoe should bend in the forward part of the foot, heel strut but the rear should be hard to hold shoes in a vertical position. Look for shoes that zalneraviciute or have Velcro to ensure a tight fit.

Measuring up

the Right shoes is more than just enough space for feet and fingers. At first the foot is measured for length and width. The child then tries on the slipper, then checked the sock and the point of the bend. As for length, considering that your baby will probably need 2-3 pairs of shoes a year, while the growth doesn't slow.

For you can be tempting to buy shoes a larger size. But the doctors categorically do not recommend you do so. This is the same as for adults: just think about whether you are comfortable to walk in too big shoes?

No. Plus, if the Shoe is too large, the bending point is in the wrong place and will not support or protect the foot properly. Loose fitting boots can lead to sliding, overturning and falling that may cause damage to the ankles.

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