How to choose front door?

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Search the front door that fits your budget, specifications, design and safety rules, can become a battle of compromises. The front door can dramatically change the appearance of your home, and there are many elements that you should consider when you want to buy it (by the way, you can do it after ).


How much should I pay for the front door?

According to General opinion of experts, one should not focus on price but on quality - on the strength of the material, the lock, and the door design blends in with your home.


What material to choose?

Largest manufacturers of doors offer a wide range of doors of different materials. Next, we consider the main types of materials for doors.


It is a practical choice for most people. These doors are available with smooth surface or, more typically, an embossed texture of wood. Treatment of edges of some models makes them more like real wood.

  • Pros: Doors from fiberglass to resist wear and tear better than steel. They can be painted, resistant to dents and require little maintenance.
  • Cons: They can crack under a strong blow.


This type of door is about half of the market.

  1. Pros: They are relatively inexpensive and can provide security and resistance to weather conditions much better than the more expensive fiberglass and wooden doors. Steel doors require little maintenance. They are energy-efficient, although the addition of glass panels reduces their insulating value.
  2. Cons: Steel door subject to corrosion. And although they are usually not maintained, difficult to repair dents and scratches may rust if they are not painted.


Provides a high-quality appearance that is trying to play other materials.

  • Pros: the Doors are solid wood best resist wear. They are also the least prone to dents and scratches are easily repaired.
  • Cons: Wood doors are relatively expensive. And they require regular painting or varnishing to look as good as possible.

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