Ventilation: Why is it necessary?

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Almost every house must have a ventilation system. Unfortunately, many people do not understand its importance and I think that the presence of vents means more drafts in the house. But it is not so. Ventilation is a regulated exchange in the areas, which creates a human-friendly state of the air environment. So, if your house has no ventilation - do not waste your time and be sure to order it, by the way, you can do it in ""!


the Importance of ventilation: the Main causes

Ventilation is important for several important reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. Condensation. If the house is not enough air, condensation can accumulate and cause moisture and mold. This can be avoided by improving air flow, warmed the walls by means of insulation technology and the use of mechanical ventilation. For most houses, adding some vents will greatly reduce this problem.
  2. Combustion. Old gas boilers or tverdosplavnym "rely" on the good ventilation in the room to create a suitable environment for combustion of the fuel. If the ventilation holes are closed, the boiler can start to produce carbon monoxide -a deadly gas. Therefore, ventilation is very important, if you have one of these old boilers.
  3. the Prevention of decay. Houses with suspended wooden floors will have ventilation openings at ground level that will allow air to circulate well. And this, accordingly, prevents damage to the wood.
  4. Health. Not only all of the above is dangerous for health, good ventilation ensures that you are breathing quality air in the rooms is never too stuffy. And it helps to preserve the health of not only you but the whole family.


If you notice any wet condition in the room or having a problem with condensation, the first step is verifying blocked or closed and any ventilation ducts. Don't forget to check, clean the holes, because for many years they often become clogged with dirt.

If very little, or even places without ventilation openings, think about having to call an expert who will be able to conduct ventilation. By the way, the cost of installing ventilation is low, but they are very small in comparison with the costs of treating diseases that are caused by different types of gases.



Today, many of you learned what ventilation is, why it is important to have in the house and what precautions should be taken, if air ducts are forgotten or even places without. So remember that health should be protected constantly, and start with getting fresh air into your home.

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