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Before the Russian AVTOLOMBitel see Mazda 3 , at the Geneva Auto Salon it was demonstrated Mazda MX Sportif, a new concept from the manufacturer. As for the design, then immediately noticeable new Firmintion design, similar to that used in .Sportif has a similar design of the front. This is reflected in the narrow headlamps and radiator grille with. Vyshtampovka hood and side panels give the car a sporty look. As a result, we got the car a sporty line, made in the new design.

New rightfully received index « 3 & raquo ;, because it replaced the 323rd model.

New Mazda 3 refers to a golf class. The manufacturer has supplied the car Fr SaTew doors and a new design. Some parts of the machine is clearly reminiscent of the Mazda 6, which indicates the kind of nepotism. From the latter were taken with rounded rear lights, front, and the style in general.

We have received a hard hit by a car. It has a solid sports expressive design:grille overlay on the hood, rear rack triangular shape, « sly » front optics, a roof with sports features. Designers managed to create quite original and quality design.

In 2003, the world saw the sedan-execution of the model. Of course, the hatchback should embody sports orientation.The sedan also has a raised back, which makes it very businesslike.

The interior also was very comfortable. The steering column can be controlled within 50 mm on the flight, and within 40 mm from the slope that ensures comfortable driving for drivers of any build. At the heart of the car is the platform C1, as FordFocus II. Rear fit two passengers. The front seats have an optimum distance to ensure the convenience of the knees.

Body Mazda 3 is based on technoogy MAIDAS (absorption and even distribution of impact energy in a collision). It is based on Triple-H, - special security forces. The front bumper has a structure which minimizes the chance of injury to pedestrians in case of accident. Basic equipment has 6 airbags, which are disclosed in the table depending on the strengthsions.

As for active safety systems, the car is equipped with ABS and distribution system during braking effort. Lights automatically turn on when entering a tunnel.

Can be equipped with one of the two options gasoline engine MZR: 1,6-2 liters (105-150 hp). Together with them works to speed 5orobka transmission. The cylinders are made of aluminum, which gives them additional strength. Control valve ensures twists in the collector input. Variable geometry intake manifold increases torque. The engine is also capable of changing the phase of the intake valve that provides effective functionality of any rpm.

All these characteristics allow MZR attributed to the economical and dynamic engines. For example, the engine is 1.6 liters consumed 7.2 liters per 100 km (8.2 l engine 2 L) accelerates to 100 km / h in 11 seconds (9 seconds for the engine 2 liters).

Since 2004 the company has also started to supply vehicles with a benzonew engine of 1.4 liter and diesel at 1,6.

Transmissions fully meet the needs of the engine. 5-speed gearbox has a clear and short stroke of the lever. Frictional losses are reduced by 50%, which provides ease of switching speeds. The automatic version 4 speed saves fuel. Furthermore, auto-Sky box is designed to meet the requirements of a sports car.

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