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Although not too oud-screw start of sales of the new Hitman: Absolution, the designers did not intend to throw the series. They report that gamers will soon see another continuation of a successful series, so its future is not worth worrying about. However, November is rich not only shooters. There is what to expect, and fans of role-playing games. November 28 goes Baldur ’ s Gate: Enhanced Edition, which is a kind collection.

Of course, before the end of the year is not much time. However, game developers have promised that will surprise us in the future. This thriller Far Cry 3 , Bpack for Dragon Dragon Age 3 , the original project Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a new strategy Dawn of War 3 , Hawken and many other games.

November was marked not only the release of the sequel to a hit games. It was in November, Nintendo released new console Wii U. American buyers will be able to get it on November 18. In Europe, the local gamers havewait up to 30 numbers. In Russia, the console can be enjoyed and that later – December 21. Such a considerable delay due to the decision of questions with the customs authorities, as well as the organization of supply.

Nintendo is ready to give an account of the first sales of the device abroad. For example, the first week sales of US Wii Umark values ??of 400 thousand. consoles sold. Of course, it is somewhat less than the result of the previous version, but still pretty good for the company. As for the games for the new console, it is still difficult to talk about their popularity. However, we already know that the pre-orders for their number in the millions of copies. As a result, Nintendostarted quite well, despite some complaints from consumers. Now let's see how successful sales in other regions. Then you can judge the general outlook console.

Meanwhile, Sony has released an SDK for its device class PlayStation Mobile. It allows developers toand enthusiasts to create their own software and games for the PlayStation Vita, line of smartphones Xperia, as well as for all the plates from the Japanese manufacturer. However, the PlayStation Mobile platform goes far beyond these solutions. Sony will soon start supporting device Sharp, HTC One, Fujitsu, ASUS.

Accessibility SDK is the ability to quickly and inexpensively create new games and applications for all platforms supported by Sony. This is very beneficial for the Japanese company, the device which recently lost its former popularity. Perhaps the increase in the number of games and applications can force users to buy more ustrooperatio ns Vita, which will strengthen the position of Sony in the gaming market.

Of course, Vita can not boast of their sales. However, the older model PlayStation rightfully earned its popularity among gamers. In November, the number of PlayStation 3 consoles, set in the shops of the world, has reached 70 million. Copies. Mindis, the number of consoles shipped does not mean that they will all be redeemed. November users had purchased 68.3 million. Consoles. This refers to all six years of the console on the market. This is a pretty good result for the Japanese company. Sony is going to increase the number of consoles sold up to 70 million. By the end of the festive racessales, ie the end of 2013. Most likely, it will succeed, because in this period is preparing several new products, which we are sure will make gamers go to stores and buy the PlayStation 3.

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