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Temporary stay in the city: Hotel or apartment for rent?

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When yougoing to visit another city or country, the first thing you're thinking about where you live? And start your long search on the Internet. You iterate through countless hotels, hostels and apartments. As for the apartments, it is often pushes you what you have to deal with intermediaries - real estate agentworth paying, usually fifty percent of the cost of housing. Naturally, this situation does not suit most people, as often these fifty percent are tidy sum, which is not quite want to give intermediaries, and at worst simply fraudsters. If you stick to the same position, you will surely sdelAli, visiting our site, as it is on our website basically all apartment owners are coming from.

So, now let's make a comparative analysis: hotel / hotels or apartment in Minsk?

Of course, staying in a hotel or gostinitse has its advantages. These are: the supply of food in the room, round the clock service. There are also minor cons of all this business ... Many hotels are closed after midnight. Basically it is a place for guests who are staying in the rooms of the middle class. If we talk about the price of these numbers, it does not exceed sixty dollars per night. Also, in somepublic or private bookings is not possible to leave friends to spend the night, and in turn, the apartments were rented for daily rent in Minsk, they can leave and no you will not say anything. You can list nozhestvo pros and cons of these two can be said off the coast of the business, but by apartmentsdaily rent in Minsk,

You have a lot more advantages. Firstly, taking our luxurious apartment in Minsk, you get a definite term "coziness" because in our apartments have everything from household appliances, finishing linens. Plus,   space is limitedexclusively room and bathroom, in addition you get a living room for guests, a separate bedroom and kitchen. All our equipped with modern appliances, nice decorations and, of course, the design of our apartments is punctuated by comfort. All apartments are located in the center of Minsk. Consequently around a hugethe first choice of entertainment: cafes, restaurants, discos, clothing stores, parks, museums, galleries, cinemas, theaters and exhibitions! Further, if you wish, as they say, do not burden yourself with domestic problems, at your request, and by prior arrangement, you will receive a maid for washing, cleaning at any time convenient for you. Andthe latter, in our opinion, an important factor if your stay is planned to be long, you can always negotiate a discount on accommodation in Minsk with the landlord.

We are a team, like all its guests! Believe me, removing the housing from us, you will never regret thatdecided to cooperate with us! We value each of you!
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