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home theater projectors Acer, we can be called champions Gallery: Acer H6510BD - the brightest 3000 lumens projector budget 3D FULL HD, Acer K335 - the most striking 1000 lm projector 3D HD LED, Acer H7532BD - the only world budgetFirst 3D FULL HD projector with built-in dynamic aperture.

Projector Acer H7532BD

The main star among projectors for home company Acer - Acer H7532BD can be called a budget projector 3D FullHD. This projector is edinstvennym in the world, which is equipped with Dynamic Aperture, which in turn provides a deep black, which is the pride of luxury VIP projectors, and by which they differ from budget projections.

The dynamic aperture - a responsive shutter that cover the lamp of projectionspa in dark frames. That's how it is achieved and manages a deep black color. It is thanks to this feature, we videm very high contrast numbers listed in the specifications of the projector. Everyone knows that these high figures are not related to the contrast, but if we see them means the projector uses a dynamic diaPhragmen. In case of failure to repair this projector will be much cheaper than the VIP projectors Klas example of this type is much lower than that of expensive counterparts.

Projector Acer H6510BD

H6510BD - this is the 2nd champion among projectors company Acer. This is the mostbright (with a luminous flux of 3000 lumens) 3D FullHD budget projection. In the room with light walls it is the most interesting option for home theater. In this case, a lot of the light that is reflected from the walls, gets to the screen which in turn absorbs the darker shades frames. These dark shades you can see onlyin the case when they are brighter than the illumination of the screen. Thanks to the affordable price and record the brightness of the projector Acer H6510BD is the best option for home theater.

Projector Acer H9501BD

Cost recalled that despite the fact that the projectionsAcer are in the lower price range, they can not apply the term "no claims", which is always applied to the budget projectors. &Nbsp; The functional Acer projectors are always ahead of both low cost   and expensive counterparts. The most striking example of the projector H9501BD. He won almost 90% of the namess projectors. He is better:

  • ANSI contrast;
  • in 3D mode, he is completely absent artifact overlay frames;
  • in 3D projection mode it does not have a drop in brightness;
  • he otsutsexists a need for a built-in and external synchronization emitters 3D-glasses;
  • in 3D mode, it has the ability to use dynamic aperture and frame interpolation.

But with all this the projector Acer H9501BD has a large zoom lens also has aPossible its horizontal and vertical displacement and the ability to convert 2D movies into 3D movies. More expensive models may try to boast of "improvers" image, but to see it will have a long time to sit at the screen with a magnifying glass.

Projector Acer H5370BD

Acer H5370BD is the direct heir of Acer H5360 - projector which first appeared universal 3D compatibility. So until the Acer H5360 all home projectors can display 3D tolkko only bluray player with access HDMI1.4, office and 3D projectors can only work Compute withpolar output HDMI1.3.

Also interesting are the LED projector models: Acer K335 and K135.

Projector Acer K335

So in the compact class LED Projector Acer K335 - 1000 lumen brightness has a record. This light output can allow a completeRate using the 3D capabilities of the projector and 3D will undoubtedly brighter than even a lamp projectors. Undoubtedly a great advantage of this projector is built-in player that allows you to play movies without the use of external devices: USB drives, memory cards, hard drives.

Proektor Acer K1335.

In any case, in any apartment you can find places where you could install a home theater, and it is when the screen can serve as a fridge, ceiling, light furniture, a large poster. In such cases, the acoustics are often the headphones or speakers to the computer cheap.This projector is also equipped with a built-in player, the ability to connect USB and SD storage, built-in memory. The simplest way to use could be the next option:   connect a pair of cheap speakers inserted into the projector USB flash drive with a recorded movie, direct projector CeilingOloka and "sex" cinema in our services. K1335 is equipped with a full-size HDMI input, so it is very easy to directly connect to the tablet, iPhone, or an ordinary player.

MHL technology.

All of the above, Acer projectors are equipped with MHL-compatible HDMI inputs, whichallow the plug to recharge gadgets and allows you to control their players using the remote proektora.To there on a simple: on the HDMI input, you can connect a phone and watch a movie. And the phone will then be recharged, and that the player is running on the phone at the same time you can control with the remoteprojector lying on the couch.

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