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Everyone knows that inSem students learning needs special educational literature and students of medical colleges and universities are no exception. Also such literature will be useful for those people who are simply interested in medicine. To date, a great number of educational books on ophthalmology can be found not only librarianske, but also on the Internet, by driving into a search engine the desired topic.


What is ophthalmology? &Ndash; is the science that studies the structure eyes , its physiology, diseases, and so onakzhe develops methods for their treatment. At the moment, there are many sites devoted to the subject, but the most comprehensive and wide range of books in the direction of ophthalmology can be found on the website Ukrainian highly specialized http://ophthalmobook.com.ua. There you can find lots of famous scientists such as Filatov, Gelmgolts, Fedorov, ican, Rosenblum and many others. All matters relating to ophthalmology, treated in specialized journals, namely, such as “ Journal of Ophthalmology & rdquo ;, which has been published since 1937, and “ Journal of Ophthalmology ” (Since 1946). In 1937 was established All-Union Scientific Ophtalmologicalcal Society (VNOO) and convened the Congress, which are devoted to the latest developments of Ophthalmology.  

Ophthalmology studying various diseases eyes , such as conjunctivitis (inflamed when the conjunctiva), blepharitis (inflamedthe lid margin), barley (purulent inflammation of the eyelids), myopia (t. e. a person sees a vague distant objects), farsightedness (myopia fully backwards, ie. e. when we see something that is far away, but we do not see a clear image of near objects ) halyazion (inflammatory disease of the century, does not pass by itself and is a pathology), astigmatizm (can only be made by a physician – ophthalmologist as a result of the medical examination), keratoconus (violation of the cornea), amblyopia (blurred vision, which can not be cured by the use of glasses), oblique eyes, cataract (the most common cause of blindness of people) and glaucoma. Therefore, in order to buduschy ophthalmologist knew how to help the patient, if he came any illness, should be a very high-quality literature, where it will all be explained in detail.

At the moment, there are so many sections of books on the science. It is paCereal as optometry, where usually offered to buy or download books, guides and atlases on optometry, ophthalmology hirugicheskaya where you can learn a lot from their experiences of domestic and foreign scientists in ophthalmology and neuro ophthalmology. In the pediatric ophthalmology, you can find all the necessaryinformation, as well as to purchase or download the material on how to treat eye diseases in children. Those people who are interested in optics will love the section “ Optics & rdquo ;, which is widely represented all the literature, which describes how to choose the right glasses to his patient as manufactured lensesand frames, and describes all the modern technology and methods of making points and how to repair them in case of damage.

On the Internet, there is a large set of Internet – libraries, where, after a long search, you can find your desired material and to download it, but there is no guarantee that the book you downloadedin the original version and the material provided reliable, but not edited by people with little ophthalmology. That is why such a resource as ophthalmobook.com.ua be useful not only to those who are professionally trained to ophthalmology, but just curious people to know how you can have yourself first medicalu help in an emergency.

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