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Trade12 is a 1-in new forex broker that provides services in the field of online trading currency pairs directly on the international financial markets. Trade12 founded 2 years ago. The company was registered on the Marshall Islands, but its activity is regulated and has been licensed in accordance with the requirements of global financial services (Global financial Services).

the License for the provision of services to the raiders in the Russian Federation in accordance with the new legislation that controls the activities of forex brokers in territory of the Russian Federation, Trade12 not yet received, but the broker has a Russian site, and technical support in Russian. language, therefore, traders from other States who speak Russian can benefit from the services of the broker in full. It is worth noting that customer support and the website is also available in several Asian and European languages.

Trade12, offers its clients trading on platforms such as Sirix and МетаТрейдер4, available for both mobile and stationary applications. If you want to create a real trading account, then you will need to make standard Deposit is $ 250. Traders can legally apply automatic trading advisors, as well as different trading strategies (hedging, scalping, etc.). Max leverage is 400:1, and environment on major currency pair start from 1.2 pips.

broker Trade12 built on the principles of honesty, transparency and productivity, which in turn gives the client the opportunity to provide for themselves favorable conditions Max. International financial markets offer all traders just unlimited possibilities, and the broker Trade12 tries to provide its trader all the necessary tools for successful trading.

Also a convenient and multifunctional trading platforms plus technologies, the company offers traders-beginners free training, through daily market reviews, video tutorials, training materials, and other interactive resources.

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