Why is your pool in need of medical help?

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In the first place, honey. the certificate indicates that the person has no contraindications for use of the pool and swimming.

Quite often you can hear that is a formality pure and simple, and the medical check for obtaining it is a waste of precious time (because you need to run to the doctors and take various tests). The majority of people for some reason do not even think about the fact that the water can be transferred to a huge number of diseases that are asymptomatic, but a carrier of these diseases can not even guess that poses a serious danger to visitors to the pool.

Another nuance is the peculiarity of the individual organism and its reaction directly to the changing environment. Very often you can find people who before the pool could not even imagine that chlorinated water can seriously harm their body. In this case, only expert advice will give you the opportunity to avoid problems or to detect symptoms that cause concern.

But if you regularly do preventive checkups, watch your health and be sure that you're 100% healthy, then you can simply buy a certificate in the pool, not wasting your precious time.

honey. help in the pool is mandatory needed for those who decided to go swimming at a professional level. In this help contain data which suggests if there's any contraindications for swimming and not dangerous for the people around him. Often this document can be obtained from the infectious disease doctor at the local hospital directly at your place of residence.


What you need to get a medical certificate for the pool?

in Order to get the document must pass the following tests:

  • blood;
  • feces for detection of worms;
  • scraping on helminth eggs.

the Doctor gives direction to the passage of the survey. Then directly after receiving the test results, once again you come to the doctor, and he on the basis of these tests, and gives you necessary help.

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