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1. Start trading on a demo account on virtual money. You will not get special knowledge of such a trading, but you can see the behavior of the market in real time. forex tradingYou will understand that the market is unpredictable, so you should treat to trading seriously. But you still need to start with a demo account, you will at least learn the basic functions and tools of the trading terminal. After all, when you trade for real money your actions should be swift and decisive, so you need to understand the work of terminal very thoroughly.

2. Try to trade using automated trading system (Expert Advisors). Its not necessary to buy them. Use free expert advisors. stock exchangeThere is no difference between free and commercial expert advisers, so do not waste your money. When inventing new expert advisor, it initially is available in the paid access. But after a while, when it doesn't confirm declared features, it becomes free. Also it should be noted that most of these programs use a strategy of "catch up", which is taken from the casino. The idea is that after unprofitable transaction expert advisor increases the amount by 2 times to cover losses and make a profit. Due to this you will lose your deposit very often, because 5 - 6 consecutive losing trades happen almost in every trader or expert advisor. This is only a matter of time.

From the second paragraph it is clear that automatic programs will not bring you profit in the long perspective, and no matter who and how praise them. Therefore its better to trade by using expert advisor, only on a demo account.

3. If you carry out profitable trading on a demo account for several months, then you can go on a real account. forexBut do not hurry to register and transfer the money. The thing is that, you can find a lot of negative reviews about one or another dealing center in the Internet. But when look into the causes of these reviews, it appears that traders just do not know anything about the document, in which they put a check when registering.

Forex trading on the Stock ExchangeBecause almost no one trouble himself to read the public offer (contract), which describes the providing services of specific dealing center. And there you can find a lot of "interesting" information. For example, there is a point about force majeure circumstances. In the contract may be written, that the company may itself determine the occurrence of force majeure situation. And further will also be written, that in such situations, dealing center can independently change open and close prices of orders or even revoke (cancel) the transaction.

ForexCan be separate items about non-marketed quoted prices. The mere dealing center will define this quotes, and if it will be necessary, correct them. From this it follows, that the company can independently correct the schedule.

With all these terms traders agree during registration, and then in rage write negative reviews on specific forums. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reliable companies, which are not engaged in such a "manipulations", because they value their authority and reputation.

trading on ForexWhen you decide to start trading on a real account, do not invest large amounts at once. You can start with $ 100. You have to make such a deposit, which you will not mind losing. If you manage to significantly increase this capital, you can consider yourself a professional trader.

And do not listen those who say, that $ 100 is too small amount to start trading. Its more important for you to learn how to make a profit. If for a year of work in the financial market you will not make $ 200 from $ 100, then you will not make $ 1000 from $ 500. In this case, the amount is not important. Your knowledge and experience are important. If you do not already have them, then try to get them.

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