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as strange as it may seem, but in many public bathrooms today are actively established the so-called bowl Genoa toilets floor type. Of course, many girls and women this decision may seem maximally uncomfortable, but if you look at its features, it becomes clear why the owners of large shopping centers and office buildings make this choice. And it's not even in that bowl Genoa is considerably cheaper than an ordinary bowl, just its performance is much better than those that can offer the ceramic product. Thus, all aimed, primarily, at the convenience of the visitors.

Risks and dangers of ceramic sanitary ware

no matter How clean not looked like a public toilet, it is invisible to the human eye field always contains a variety of viruses and bacteria. It is obvious that the status of public spaces does not contribute to normal hygiene, no matter how responsible was not the wait staff. Touching your skin with the inside of the toilet bowl, you can easily adopt with it quite a lot of microbes that cannot be solved is not so simple. Bowl Genoa allows to eliminate such a threat, as its design does not require a threat of contact. Actually, that's why in many hospitals world today have returned to the practice of using such plumbing. Numerous studies have shown that minute inconvenience patients does not go to any comparison with the risks they are taking using ordinary toilets. Therefore, do not rush to criticize any institution or place, if the restroom is not as you would like.

it is Noteworthy that the development and production of such sanitary ware today are the largest producers worldwide. Even in our country you are likely to find a bowl of Genoa, produced in Spain or Italy, as they are much more practical and easier those solutions that offer domestic suppliers. Not to mention the fact that their design and functionality do not doubt even the biased consumer.

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