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One s naybilsh, folding the fact to sluchaju schools anglish movi - TSE nepravilen Sov. All right in the fact scho for h vivchennya not there is the toll-odnakovo system, Yak b chodila for vsih. Not stink pdcreate zagulnym rules anglish movi, chomu I nazyvayutsa poorly fitted . The prot for the many years of work vikladach znajshli be called a few more vdna sposobu, that prostate vivchennya .


Usage chartok

Better, if you write kartki and designs available ACCOR, Yak in this case bod? sadana motor pam'yat: pid hour Pisana storytime image of the word, yaky dopomozhe likely Yogo sapam remembered. Poruch z dla privette transcription. You can oformiti of kartki this:

  • odni storoni vkazati dieslovo in nevinchany form I transcription;
  • another vkazati form SOA in the Past Tense I Past Participle, and also cap the words.

Use of kartki for Sepam etouwan neverko. VI pregledati h I zakreplenie in memory at spochatku nntu dla and potim 2 formation. After tsofirst dozvolite digitise lachey on the side of Cardi s npneos and zvorotniy BC need sadati , pregovorite not deplaces. Cardi which is very convenient for razdelyat grupam I sautuvui not all NaBr at a time, and kV.


Ob'dnannya similar DSL in a groupie

Many nepravilen dla similar are written ABO wembleyarena. Tak podn the word Ob which is very convenient novati in ocram categor. Zavdyaki structure for pevnou oznakoyu sapam remembered TSI Dov digit prosthe. For example, mozliwy taqiy poll:

  1. Dov s odinakovymi forms of the Past Participle I Past Tense. Sered them can vdras fidelity DAV, for yakih 3 formation odnako, for example, cut - cut - cut. Middle r?sti DSL, for yakih odnako only 2 - 3 formation, takozh mozhna to spend podl on malenic grupki I Ob date words, if h formation sound similar or are written (for example: spend - spent - spent, ABO lend - lent - lent);
  2. Dov s rsname forms of the Past Participle I Past Tense. At the turn tsya takozh group dlitsa to be called a few more group pomenshe. The basis podlu Mauger Buti of Paladini key SMN Sov. For example, similar Ovi what: speak - spoke - spoken, to break - broke - broken TA INSHI. See scho TSI words smenyayutsya itself. Sapam autovoice h time, you can Domotica Krasova result in more short promark hour.

Citanna vgolos wrsv I rhymes

Imore, TSE naybilsh prosty I ccawi method sapam atovan. In Internet rosmen baslc RSNA variations nachitki poorly fitted DSL.

Effective use Waranty z video, after then you can not only procitati dla wholes and posluhat, and also pereglyanulis lustrac. In this case to operate do I zorova, and associations pam'yat. After pereglyadu video need probuvati promovati dla spochatku decline times together with Opodo, and vzhe potim separatist, Vinkovci sound.

In this case you will need not so vzhe th bagato hour I susil for nadiine sapam etouwan angliskih poorly fitted DSL.

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