Innovative triple therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel

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international hospital Assuta (Israel) strives to provide better treatment of cancer patients through the rapid implementation of successful research into practice. Cancer center patients can participate in clinical trials and receive an additional chance to get rid of the disease or considerably prolong life. Special attention to scientists and doctors Assuta pay malignant brain glioblastoma. This deadly tumor is often inoperable due to large size or deep location inside the brain. Therefore, a critical need for effective non-surgical treatment.

a Recent study showed that the target drug in combination with a virus that kills cancer that attacks glioblastoma cells, making them more vulnerable to natural immune therapy. Thus, surgery of a malignant tumor will be able to replace the complex of the three tools. Innovative triple therapy consists of a target of the drug Bortezomib, oncolytic virus (rodent tumor) and the activation of immune cells.


Principle of operation of the new triple treatment glioblastoma

the First component of the virus. Viruses designed to kill cancer cells, called oncolytic. The FDA has already approved one type of oncolytic herpes simplex virus (oHSV). The second component of the Bortezomib. This drug is to inhibit (suspend) the activity of proteasomes, structures in cells that destroy and recycle proteins. In a new study of Bortezomib and oHSV has led to the fact that glioblastoma cells died as a result of necroptosis. This process causes the release of hormone-like molecules (proinflammatory cytokines), which attract anti-cancer immune cells called natural killers (NK). It also differs from the type of cell death caused by only one drug.

in addition, treatment with oHSV Bortezomibom and has improved the ability of NK cells to identify and kill the tissue of glioblastoma. When the researchers tested the triple treatment on mice with human tumors, the treated animals lived far longer in the control group.

According to estimates, in 2015 there were more than 11 880 new cases of glioblastoma. Overall survival amounted to 12-15 months after diagnosis. Clinical trials of triple therapy allow patients with this tumor significantly extend its life and increase the chances that the cancer will go into a passive state.

the Clinic is the most advanced private medical centre in the middle East, where the patients come from all over the world. The hospital offers the latest surgical equipment (endoscopic, and robotic systems) for safer minimally invasive removal of tumors and specializiruetsya for modern molecular therapy. While Assuta provides advanced treatment of brain cancer at more affordable prices than in the countries of America and Europe. To know the cost of medical services in Israeli hospital with a certain diagnosis is possible through the official representative of Assuta in Russia.

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