The method of Schechter or how to make a foreign language their native


the Method of Schechter called the scientific trend in linguistics, which asserts that the human exploration of foreign language should happen as a product of the speech in his native tongue.

the basis of this method is that human speech is not knowledge, natural skill, which is peculiar to man. If you compare this method with the traditional approach, in which learning a foreign language boils down to memorising rules and words, in this case, we propose a speech production as well as its correction and development. By the way, in Moscow you can register for the method of Schechter school "Living language":

the Basis of the development of speech are the sketches drawn by the students directly on their studied foreign language. During a conversation they do not receive a psychological barrier, as occurs in response to the teacher in front of a Packed audience. These sketches are not learning objectives to recall specific words and construct a sentence using them (as in traditional learning), and practical tasks to do something using language. Participating in studies gives you the opportunity to create and develop free speech. This student lost the fear of speaking in a foreign language, experience a variety of communication situations and self-confidence.

At the initial stage of grammatical errors are corrected only when they directly distort the meaning. A lack of fear of making a mistake, in turn, helps to remove the speech barrier . On the 2nd phase of training begins the study of grammar when the student already has some language skills. Remember: the rules are much easier to digest when the person can back them up familiar examples. So, unlike the traditional system of study, according to the method of Schechter, grammar in relation to speech is vstrechnoy. On this basis, it is not built according to the rules, the rules themselves describe it. People speak correctly in their native language, not because all the time he remembers a certain rule, and just feels by intuition as they say and not say. The main task is to develop the same sense and in speaking in a foreign language.

Method of Schechter tested for many years of practice, he really works for the majority of people is the most appropriate method to quickly begin to speak a foreign language.

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