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it just So happens that today, English is a mandatory attribute of the modern Manager, a good assistant, Secretary, technician and financier. In addition, children also often hear from their parents about the importance of learning English.

Every caring parent I am sure that knowing this foreign language will help children to find a decent, vysokooplachivaemoi work. This raises the logical question: "how to choose a school or courses for learning this language for your child?. Answer this question - the founder and head of the eponymous English language schools in the river.


English language School: How to choose?

Today in every big city there are a huge number of different courses and English language schools. So how, among such abundance, to choose the right school for your child?
the Main points on which need to pay attention:

  • Quality and value. Be sure to pay attention to the license in your chosen school. It confirms that the school is absolutely all courses, without exception, methodically arranged correctly, the fact that there is all the necessary textbooks and manuals and the fact that the English language training is held in good areas, teachers must have the level of professional training, the school has the right to assess the level of training + to issue certificates;
  • teaching Methodology. Today, especially popular polzuyutsya courses where the training takes place according to the communicative method. The essence of this method lies in the fact that foreign language is learned by the child directly in the process of communication. Need to know the min set of words, and then learn for themselves and they, of course, films and texts. In this case, the grammar does not pay attention. All the patterns of a foreign language, the learner needs to understand themselves. There are also the classic method, the application of which it is necessary to know the rules. For this technique, pronunciation and correct design of speech in the English language play a major role.


  1. Choosing a school for your child, parents must personally visit and see all of the conditions in which directly, and the lessons will be. The room should be comfortable, the furniture should be comfortable and the light bright;
  2. in addition, the school should be located near your home so that the child is not tired getting to it;
  3. Also, we need to find out how many people will learn in a group (optimally is 10-18 children).

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