Furniture solid wood: characteristics, advantages, disadvantages

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the Modern furniture industry allows plenty of imagination run wild through the use of technologically advanced materials like chipboard, MDF, HDF, etc. the Outer veneer allows cimitirul any pattern, color or type of wood and modern hardware allows to implement any engineering ideas. A lot of manufacturers, the combination of components allows to fill all price niches, but if you compare these products with furniture from solid wood, conclusion "" will definitely be on the side of the latter. Great choice of beds, cabinets, tables can be found on the website of the online store "Mann Group".


What is solid wood?

sometimes Looking through furniture catalogs and thematic resources you can stumble upon the term "solid wood". Initially this means that the relevant items and accessories are made of wood. But, in contrast to particle Board and other similar laminated composite materials, as basic raw materials are not wastes (chips), and the tree itself. So, obtained in the process of longitudinal sawing of the barrel, and then refinished the Board, and the formed chip is actually waste that can be used for forming the DSP-boards.

In the furniture practice, there are two main types of array:
Whole. It is the raw material that is obtained in the process of culling results woodworking. On these boards, sticks etc. must not have any traces of knots, accumulations of resin cavities. To select such material is difficult and that is why it has a high cost, status, quality and completely pure in environmental terms.
Glued. Any defects listed above, as well as the possible consequences of improper drying and storage lead to pakovanju solid timber. Such raw materials will not start in the sawdust, and the bonding and the formation of multi-component boards, slabs or bars. Such an array of less prestigious, primarily due to the use of glue, but its price is lower and the strength and resistance to cracking are much higher.


Advantages and disadvantages

the Main advantage of furniture made of solid wood is its eco-friendliness. Even if it's glued laminated timber, chemicals in it a little, in comparison with any DSP, the evaporation which can be a real hazard to human health. In addition, the natural wood highlights in the air volatile, which positively affect health give you energy, reduce irritability.

the Second advantage is strength and, as a result, practicality, durability. The array holds the shape, it does not crumble or decay over time.

Natural wood texture gives the finished furniture a special flavor and the aesthetics that can match even the highest quality veneer. In addition, the tree at any time can be repainted, treated with stain or varnish, giving it a new color.

Among the shortcomings, perhaps the main can be considered a high price, while use of the laminated array may be somewhat correct the situation, not at the expense of quality. In addition, the wood material is in some way alive and able to absorb/release moisture, changing its texture. It all depends on processing.

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