What are the varieties of points


the safest method of vision correction are glasses that have no contraindications, and the various negative consequences that proyavlyayutsya as nausea or dizziness occur Sotho in a few cases. Therefore, after diagnosis of hyperopia, myopia and other eye diseases in the 1st place prescribed glasses, not surgery or contact lenses. By the way, buy at an affordable price you can online store http://titan.co.ua/.


varieties of points

For assigning points are:

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  • correction.

Last and are devices for vision correction. Such glasses are of such varieties:

  • with a homogeneous glass, which is designed for the treatment of myopia;
  • for patients farsightedness suitable pantoskopichesky or franklinesque glasses that combine two types of glass and provide an opportunity to apply their reading and viewing of different objects far and near;
  • To correct astigmatism used cylindrical glasses. They are able to help to solve assimetrichnost about its own axis, which occurs when the disease;
  • With nervous refraction using prismatic goggles, which combine prismatic and spherical glass;

Special glasses are devices that are designed to protect the eyes from UV, mechanical, and other types of exposure.

There are 3 varieties of such glasses:

  • Computer. These glasses optimize the composition of the visible light, improve contrast and brightness of the perceived image, consume harmful to human eyes the light that comes from the PC monitor;
  • Sunscreen. Is glasses or no lenses that protect human eyes from direct exposure to UV rays;
  • Sports. The main purpose of these glasses is sports. They protect human eyes from UV rays, water, wind.

Care for glasses:

  • Points you can't put a lens down, as they can scratch;
  • you take the Glasses off 2 hands that will give you the opportunity to save from breakage of fastening of the rim;
  • If the glasses are not used, then hide them in the case;
  • do Not use sunglasses as a hair band;
  • never leave your glasses near open flames and other heat sources.

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