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In hot weather it is necessary to protect both the skin and eyes. Sunglasses are the best protection from the bright sun. Then the question arises: "how to choose the right?". Now it is a question not of aesthetics as health. The main function of this accessory is to protect the eyes and the skin around the eyes from UV rays.

If you even slightly think about the health of their eyes, any designer eyeglasses and fashionable trends do not has to be the most powerful argument in the choice of sunglasses. Much more important are the technical specifications of the optics, which give the ability to protect the human eye from the damaging effects of the sun.

In all extreme conditions, for eyes, for example, on slopes or in a low-quality sunglasses can bring irreparable harm to human vision until cataract and Central degeneration of the eye. In addition, the particular danger of the sun's rays pose to the elderly because with age the number of pigment melanin which provides eye protection. That is why pensioners, not thinking about fashion, sunglasses they are simply vital.


What points it is better to buy?

If you don't have the slightest desire to go into all the details of the choice, then you should buy branded sunglasses. Due to the fact that well-known brands care about their image, they do not produce dangerous for human health products. In General quality sunglasses mean not merely protection of vision and style, as well as the image clarity with the ability to change its brightness, without changing color. By the way, quality at an affordable price, you can buy in the online store:



Remember: a very serious and sometimes even irreversible damage of the eyes ultraviolet rays can occur after 5 h after extensive exposure to the sun, so if you spent all day in the sun without applying sunglasses and see the watery eyes, blurred vision, eye pain directly under bright light, then, most likely, your vision was affected by UV radiation. In this situation it may be reasonable without delay to consult an ophthalmologist.

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