Tutorial: why you need it?


the following manuals, like dictionaries and textbooks the following functions: in psychological terms, are objects of identification and projection, and cognitive sources of information. More details about this we will tell the employee the Internet-shop "Quart Plus": cvartplus.ru and where you can buy .

Identification is a 1-in defenses that adapts man to real life. Striking examples of identification: the person gives the conformal reactions, that is, presents itself in the place of another person with whom he identificeret, is a fan of a specific team, unconsciously takes in argument a certain direction, etc.
Projection is a defense mechanism that enables a person to move traumatic and unacceptable to consciousness representation (content) on that object, have indirect, rather than direct communication with them and, as they say, "don't hit back", that is, give a diffusion of responsibility for their postupaka/behaviour/opinions/thoughts etc.

You ask "what does this have to do with dictionaries and textbooks?". Answer: look like a cat "brags" caught the mouse before the hosts or the same as self-denial, the dog is liable to his master a bag or a stick, or brings him some Slippers and then not want to give. Such "grasping" reflex of a predator also preserved in humans, and in full. Look at the children as they love to help their parents to carry the bag, bring home a variety of stick-shooters (later bringing friends), assign (select) toys from other children. the Basis of this behavior is an unconscious need to control and own the production.

Adults, in turn, have a more "controlled" the unconscious, it is instinctive. When studying different school subjects: foreign language, physics, mathematics, etc., many of the children works well worked out in childhood reaction - in order to survive you must eat, i.e. to find the resource. In our case, is dictionaries, textbooks, courses, teachers, Ilona Davydov, 25 frames, which is a transfer projection / identification.

But, there's clearly understood that by themselves, the dictionary or the textbook can not solve the learning task, in other words, to learn the material for the tutorial can't. Remember: if in the 1st place, the child looks to the textbook as the source of the information, and uses it as needed, it's totally fine. But if, forgetting a textbook at home, the child can't concentrate in class directly on the training material, then there is something wrong.

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