The history of the tie


In the wardrobe of every self-respecting man necessarily been reserved forties. This accessory is an integral part of the official style, business meetings, solidity and confidence. Tie - is a sign of a modern business style, and its absence as a supplement to the basic costume can be considered bad manners. Meanwhile, despite all the modernity of a tie (in the form in which we used to see him, Its occurrence is associated with the twentieth century), it has a fairly long history. The first prototypes were used tie before our era in Egypt, Rome, Greece, in the form of a scarf Neck. As a general rule, if a tie (or scarf) had Sotho practical importance because the soldiers used as protection from rubbing neck armor. The most striking whenmeasures like the use of the handkerchief - a dress so-called terracotta army from the tomb of Qin. Such practical use of the tie lasted until the second half of the XVII century, when with the filing of the then French monarch Louis XIV, this accessory is gradually moved from purely practical level, in the aesthetic.At the same time formed and the name of a tie, used in modern Ukraine (cot). By the way, you can fashion online Strictly speaking, the tie - a word of French origin, but is directly related to the Croats (in fact, the word cravat, translated from the French, meaning tie directly borrowed from the self-name of the choirvatskoy nation). On the way to the modern mind, tie a long time improved, especially in the second half of the twentieth century.

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