What is the sealing wire


Surely, most people on the planet the word "seal" standto associate with dental offices and holes in the teeth. However, this word, there is another, more ancient value which, in principle, is not different functional purpose. Meaning the use of seals as a kind of lock or alarm device, if necessary, to establish control over the definitionnnym property or premises. The installation process is called sealing seals. Seal construction itself, regardless of the material of manufacture, it assumes a disposable unit. The seal is typically used in conjunction with a flexible locking element, as. Sealing process is to install the locking wire so ontime, it limited to any manipulation of the protected object. Thereafter, the wire ends fitting into the housing and the seal are crimped, making it impossible to access the object without destroying the seal or the wire. Wire itself usually consists of two independent conductors: central (core) and Twisted (outer balloon). In this case Execuzuyutsya strands of galvanized, mild steel and heat treated. This increases the performance of mechanical, chemical, thermal and atmospheric resistance wire. It is also possible to use other materials (e.g., stainless steel, fishing line, copper, brass and the like), as well as other manufacturing methods (e.g., steepsix). The advantage of such a wire is its relief that allows you to organize a more powerful contact with the seal.

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