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Meteorites Perles - unusual base for make-up by Guerlain


Perfumes and Cosmetics Guerlain has captivated the world with his magic. This bRand is a popular demand among the french public. For example, clear gel Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer - this extraordinary base for make-up with corrective pearls . Magic pearls surround face extraordinary color and gives the skin a natural shine. Palette otnenkov it merges with leatherher of any person. In 1828, magician powders Guerlain flashed around the world the beauty and radiance raspostranen in the imperial and royal courts. Amazing little balls round, multi-colored shades, all concentrated powder in one. These little balls, each of which performs its function and enhances the beauty of the skin. Magic shades Meteorites Perles perform such functions:

  • Pink refreshes the face;
  • pale green reduces redness;
  • purple color reflects;
  • White brightens;
  • gold gives radiance.

It is not surprising, these balls are made by hand. Try Us for applying the brush from the forehead through the cheek and nose. After applying the gel, face shining as if health skin is like a baby's skin, soft, elastic and very pleasant. Even to the entire gel mattes skin to cope with oily shinem. holds about 7-8 hours.   Each opening jars accompanied by a strong aroma of violets. This gel has a rather delightful packaging, this festive attire. On the cover there is an emblem, in pink shades. In the middle of the box branded print the letter "G". All the girls who have tried this miracle gel was satisfiedportional do not change for several years already very beautiful effect, and definitely great money invested in beauty.


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