Cooking - the art of cooking


The man, despite the fact that a higher dostizheniem evolutionary process, one of the most complex organisms on the planet, is still dependent on energy resources, as well as any technical mechanism. The main difference in this regard man from the car is a genus of resources used to replenish energy reserves: in the case of cars used fuel, the person to etogOn the necessity of food. But here, people went forward, in comparison with other living beings, actually turn a simple meal into a ritual-that is preceded by no less spectacular process of its preparation. All operations are carried out for cooking, dishes, combined with one comprehensive name - cooking. &Nbsp; Its nounExistence reasoned by the fact that a sufficiently wide range of common foods, the human body can not take in the natural, raw form (for example, meat or fish). Cooking brings together a range of methods (techniques, recipes) and equipment (kitchen equipment) to effectively perform suburbanpared different dishes. By the way, interesting recipes unique and very tasty dishes you will find on the women's portal:. Cooking necessarily subject to certain rules and consistency of food preparation. At the same time, large enough (if not primary) role of education knowledge and cooking skills - the man in chargepresent for the entire process of culinary research. Cooking process must take into account the properties of the food-ingredients, their compatibility and the method of preparation (fried, boiled, baking, smoking and so on. N.).

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