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Most people are born completely healthy, but growing up and faced with environmental factors will certainly have been exposed to various diseases. To respond adequately to such symptoms seeks medical industry. But maybe it's at the confluence of two circumstances: a high level of training, qualifications of medical staff and modern high-precision, efficient equipment. And if in the first case, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of teaching staff of specialized universities, with the purchase of medical equipment will help online store . There is a wide range of professional and household appliances, which are of high quality and precision.

What we offer?

In our electronic catalogue you can find not only the devices for personal use, compact and practical, but also heavy equipment for the laboratories. All our products have certificates of quality and are supplied from the warehouses of the world's leading manufacturers such as One Touch, Accu-CEK, Microlife, VEGA, Medisport and others.

For the convenience of finding all the products are divided into several key categories:


    Diabetology. This category presents equipment and supplies for sampling and analyzing blood glucose (glucose meters, test strips, lancets, solutions), as well as special food and drinks for patients with diabetes;

    Home.. A range of equipment and adaptations that can and should be used to assess the health status and rehabilitation in the home: thermometers, inhalers, blood pressure monitors, scales, etc.;

    Ophthalmology. This page presents contact lenses, drops, solutions and accessories for maintenance and storage;

    Neurology. Compact spacer inhalers and simulators is indispensable for patients with diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs;

    Sports medicine. Accessories and consumables, which are indispensable in the process of sports and fitness in particular, and in the process of treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries;

    Medical instruments. This page presents a wide range of surgical tools, clothing, supplies, systems for blood sampling and many other related categories.

in addition, the website presents a variety of reagents for laboratory research and solutions for disinfection, which find application in various spheres of human activity.

Purchase any product from the catalog simple. Simply fill out a standard order form, choose a convenient payment method and delivery, and then our managers will clarify all aspects of the transaction.

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