What is notarialny translation?

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when Faced with the need of translation of various texts or documents You may be 1 of the types of assurance of finished translation - the stamp of the translation Agency or notary.

Certification is the confirmation of the fact of execution of a particular translation by a qualified translator. Next, we take a closer look at what is notarization of translation, namely, as .

certified translations of various documents, for example, passports, performs graduate, made a notary in the register. Translation with notarial certification is filed to the original document or a photocopy of it, it is signed by the person who translated it specifies the language pair of the translation. After that passport are in the notary's office, where was this translator. The notary, in turn, bonds the hemmed sheets with adhesive seal, puts his signature, and registry number of the document, and a stamp.

sometimes it Happens that a side that takes a translation of a document asks to duplicate the text notarization directly in the target language. In this case, the notary signature is duplicated slightly below the original text of the testimony, the translator, in turn, sets 1 well, the signature, and the notary - makes the 2nd time in the register the fact of implementation of the 1-th transfer. With all this at the 2nd notarial certification shall pay an additional fee. Certified translations made in this manner often require the following States: Russia, USA, UK, Germany.

the Notary certifies the authenticity of the signature of person who carried out the translation (the fact that the translation was done certified translator), and can also assure the correctness of the copies of the original document (when the translation is filed to a copy).

certified translation is a document, i.e. it has legal effect and it can be easily used for its intended purpose directly as the original document.

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