User's personal account on web-sites: the Main advantages.

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If you have a personal web site, it is quite likely that you are using it for profit. The website can be a great tool to accompany your business as well as an excellent tool for sales. Often, the main objective of any website is quality service to their customers. Properly equipped and designed web site can remove phones from your company a certain load, as a result, it is not necessary to keep a considerable staff of managers. All these problems can be solved by creating a personal Cabinet of user on your website. different sites look different and have different functionality, but their advantages are obvious and it is about them we'll talk further.

If an online resource is the property of a person engaged in trade, then in the personal account of such a site will store all of your current orders and archived orders completed earlier. There will be reflected all the transactions of the customer and the company can be represented by various accounting documents, invoices, invoices, bills, etc.

If the firm provides any service in the personal Cabinet you will see lists of active contracts and their status and parameters. In addition, the customer may at any time review the status of the balance and a list of current services, as well as order a specific service. To view in a private office is available: a list of documents, settlements, etc.

Except the clients personal account will also be useful to leaders and managers of the company. Managers it is possible to conduct the entire customer base, to see the status of payments, process orders. The supervisor, in turn, may see the final reports on expenditure and income, overdue orders or requests for services. Ie, it can directly affect the improvement of the level of customer service and the quality of work of its managers.

From the above we can conclude that "+" the availability on the web site, your personal account is very significant.

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