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In this article we describe the main stages of search engine promotion of the website. And tell us about them Vasilyev, A. E. - member of "Studio AP": in which to perform this task involved the following specialists: project Manager, copywriter, SEO expert, web designer. In nyneshnih the realities of the promotion of the website requires the involvement of more and more people.


Definition of a promotion strategy

At this stage to promote a web site specialists perform these steps:

  • defining the goals and objectives promote. This step is necessary in order to understand what exactly the visitors you need to attract from the se (search engines) exactly what they need to do on your website (to seek advice, request a service or product, etc.), as will be conversion;
  • Compiled a list of queries (keywords and phrases) on which the web site will prodvigatsya in search engines (in 2 words - prepare "semantic core"). It is best to use a promotion strategy web site for the maximum possible number of requests, with an emphasis on low and medium frequency queries. This enables much faster to increase traffic to your website at relatively little financial cost. Often the list consists of 30 - 300 key phrases;
  • Distribution of queries on the landing pages (landing page). This stage is very important because we cannot allow the 1st request moved 2 or more pages, as well as to highly competitive advanced query page having a very low weight, which is not able to reach the TOP of search engines under any circumstances.

Optimizing your website

search Engines pay great attention to the quality websites. Search engines take a very negative:

  • errors on the website;
  • duplicate content
  • the intricate structure of the website;
  • the same headers (Meta Title) in different pages;
  • incorrect handling 404 errors
  • and etc. problems;

At this stage, the website will adapt to the recommendations of the substation.


optimization of the structure of the website

the Structure of the web site must be both user-friendly for the visitor (so he can quickly find the information he needs), as well as informative for SAR robots. The most important sections of your site should receive more weight than those that are less important. Main stages of optimization of the site structure:

  • Optimization of technical parts of the website. On your site there should be no empty sections, broken links, duplicate pages and errors;
  • Optimization of texts (content). In this phase, copywriters should write high-quality texts for your website. These texts must conform to all the requirements of TS and to be sufficiently effective from a commercial point of view (to introduce products and services of your company in a favorable light and to encourage website visitors to order the service or buy goods);
  • Optimized graphics. A certain percentage of traffic can make search by images, which is present in all popular PS. If you want to get visitors from the search by images, you will need to placed on optimize your web site images.

Promotion of website

This stage to promote a web site involves increasing the number of quality inbound links. PS look at the links from other sites as a recommendation. So the more "good" recommendations will have your website the higher will be its position in PS. At this stage of the promotion carried out such work:

  • Getting high quality inbound links from thematically similar web sites. Such work is very difficult to automate, which is why quite a lot of the time SEO specialist takes to find quality resources (the donor site) and obtaining links from them. Today it is necessary to work very accurately with references and in no case do the bulk procurement of "temporary" SEO links (today the substation is classified as a permitted method of promotion and put on websites "customers references" filters (Penguin, Minusink) that lower these sity in the SERPs). It is better to buy only "eternal" contextual links on niche sites in the thematic articles;
  • Placement of press releases of the company. This item is used to increase the amount of natural incoming links to industry resources;
  • Placement of advertising articles in blogs and industry web sites. This item will give you the opportunity to attract your website visitors and increase the number of incoming links, which will undoubtedly be useful to promote your website
  • audits. This item is used to develop recommendations for improving and finalizing vresource, which may affect the position in search results PS, and also to increase the number of calls to your company or neposredstvenno orders from your website
  • Responding to messages PS by means specialized services;
  • Conducting test audits to see its current settings
  • position web site to keep track of the results achieved;
  • evaluation of the quality of incoming traffic from FP, and also work on the development of the website, with the aim of increasing quality (in the 1st phase of the conversion rate).


At this stage are working to sustain their position in the issue. SEO experts follow:

  • the quality of installed links;
  • the emergence of new key phrases, which are suitable to promote your website
  • analysing the changes in PS, which could affect the SEO strategy of your site.

Support and development of the website

PS regularly change their algorithms. Only one of Google's algorithms are changing 500 per year (about 1.5 algorithm changes in 24 hours). PS require the webmasters to develop their resources, and make the sites more stringent requirements. That is why it is very important to maintain the resource and to develop it (to add useful content, new unique content, to develop the functional part of the site, etc.).

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