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the question of how Much you can earn on the Internet there is no answer. This, as well as in life there are neither minimum nor maximum, it depends on the person. Many blogs write about a huge profit, but it is often a lie and a publicity stunt. Man after reading about a thousand dollars begins to think that all that time to sit at the keyboard and quit his job, surrendering earnings in the Internet. It is clear that not all can draw at the same time.

Often a big fascination, it may crash on a cast-iron ass of reality . Not everyone is able to find a gold mine and get a steady income.


What can I recommend?

black and white methods of earnings. Black is when earnings are obtained by deception, fraud, cheating, and the like. Immediately I recommend not to take it, just spend time and be atropatia the brain to develop.

immediately Make a website for people (NLL), that is, the project, which will be useful for people. The website on which information that will meet the needs of a particular audience. Need to write lyrics himself, and not to copy-paste - copy-paste sites from unpromising and often eliminated from the index of search engines, in addition, there may be problems with the authorship and damaged reputation. For experiments, you can have multiple sites and try different techniques, sites that are not yet a priority, although over time could be.

each person has some knowledge, the sphere in which he is well versed. Actually this recommend and stop. To do a site / blog / forum on a topic that is close to you, you know, topics that will be of interest to you, and to have the inspiration to develop this for years. Very well, if your website theme is relevant and commercial, the subject of ​​of which there are advertisers then the profit on advertising will be good. And this may not be necessarily advertising, over time, successful life of the project will be direct advertisers and affiliate programs or just partners, or maybe you will create your business rebounding from its site will become a professional and famous man in his field.

There is a lot to fantasize and dream, but it is necessary to take and try, because the view will not be full. So, take the passport hosting with domain and begin to do something, by trial and error grinds his creation.

Over time the project will be a circle of supporters, which can be converted into buyers or customers. You can really get the hang of contextual advertising and get some money. The amount depends on the subject and the situation on the market, i.e. the activity of advertisers. You can also sell links from the site and get paid for it, links of eternal, or with the Board during placement. on the site to place banners and shows to get money but not to earn a penny you need to have great website traffic.

There are so many kinds of monetizing your blog / site / forum, but first of all, you need to have a properly promoted website with the theme that attracts advertisers. Sign up on the discussion forums, read blogs, gain more knowledge. Experience and expertise will give you a green light ahead.


how Much will I earn in the beginning?

Small, 1-10 Euro per month. After active and work properly for the year you can already have amount monthly much greater. I recommend to make sites that are selling something, and other passive types of earnings will be a welcome addition to earnings.

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