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Each person, going up to certain age limits, becomes in the face of choosing the direction of further activity or simply a professional orientation. Someone chooses technical professions, creating specific wealth and wonders of engineering, and others, on the contrary, plunged into the world of art, creating a legacy of civilization and organizing leisure for the former. One of such areas is considered a creative profession , which in our understanding has been creating meaningful music video clip.


Features the work of music video Director

unlike the classic type Director, who coordinates the survey feature, global or not, movies, music video Director can be considered prima-its a lot of quite short advertising videos or musical content. As a rule, their duration does not exceed 10 minutes and to this there are objective reasons:

  • first, when it comes to music video, then his action must seamlessly blend the sound with the visuals, which is built around the picture. In other words, clip duration limited to a duration of, say, songs, being a kind of background;
  • secondly, when we talk about the promotional video, its duration is limited to 1-2 minutes because airtime is expensive enough. More importantly it is the meaning that should be as succinct and focused.

in spite of such seemingly small amounts of work, professional loading the clip is not inferior to the classic directing. The importance of his work should not diminish. To compare their work is all the same what to compare a distance runner to Sprinter. If the first, that is a classic Director, there is a time and field for the development of ideas, the Sprinter music video Director is obliged to respond immediately to emerging situations and self-sufficient to create a full picture in a minimum time range.


Area activities

Every professional chooses a niche in which to work and creates civilization. Not an exception in this case and music video Director, a professional whose responsibilities include:

  • the Complex development and approval of a scenario for future work (concept, technical and other characteristics, in particular duration);
  • Selection required to perform the tasks of the personnel (actors, musicians, makeup and costumers, etc)
  • Organizational actions
  • Actually, shooting and full control;
  • installation and preparation of the final version of the video.

Because the duties of a music video is often the preparation of product promotional and musical character, the more often this specialist can find a job in film or music studios, or advertising agencies. We should not exclude the option of establishing their own narrowly - or widely-relevant creative Studio.


Required skills

To solve problems music video Director must have specific professional qualities:

  • to Understand the specifics and peculiarities of the promoted products (goods, musical work, by person, etc)
  • Know all the stages and technological features of production;
  • to Have marketing skills;
  • to Be a subtle psychologist, etc.

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