All the forecasts of real estate prices in 2016 in Kazakhstan

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significant events of the real estate market in 2015 in Kazakhstan?

Undoubtedly, the key event for the market , as well as for the country's economy began the transition to pretty floating exchange rate of tenge. Reduction of prices on oil and dollar exchange rate growth is about twice again we showed how the high degree of dependence of Kazakhstan's economy from the commodity sector.

a reduction of the revenues of the country led to the fact that there has been a slowdown in economic growth and real incomes. All the prices are falling.

it Should also be noted another important trend on the housing market and the strengthening position of the state itself. In such conditions of reduction of solvency of the population, and the tightening of conditions on mortgages went Zhilstroysberbank, which at the end of 2015, has about 70 % of mortgage loans, according to the Chairman of the Bank.

it Should also be said that, the current crisis has again led to the emergence of a huge number of unfinished projects , as well as defrauded investors.


What are the predictions for 2016 in real estate?

Before the voice of forecasts, gently repeat that the crisis showed once again: the course of economic development, which is based only on the commodity economy, and now can not provide the required level is important for economic growth, and the market of all properties including. All these years people were relatively painless to live with unpleasant geopolitical events due to the very high prices on oil. But, however, in a short time in oil significant price increases most global analysts are not expecting.

According to many forecasts, during this year, the market will experience a significantly reduced effective demand, mainly because of dollar savings, as well as a further drop in prices in tenge and in U.S. dollars.


What to do to potential buyers is to start looking for a property or wait?

Many experts don't think that if the solution of the housing problem is quite acute, it is necessary to wait for further price decline, because together with prices can also fall and incomes, and then tightened the terms on the mortgage. Today is a good time to leisurely choose a suitable apartment or house. Offers on the market becomes greater, and thus the demand falls, and prices in dollars fall. That's why sellers interested in a quick sale, and they make concessions. And, probably, do not delay the decision of buying a home. After all, to wait for further decline of prices, if buyer found a good option that like him. Well, if the purchase is not urgent, and the account are personal foreign currency savings, which is enough to buy, then you can wait.

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