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those who have created their own website, often raises a number of questions:

  • how you can make a website become popular;
  • the
  • how to send him potential customers;
  • the
  • as with your website you can increase the number of sales.

To these questions there are multiple answers, but the most effective method to do all vysheperechislennoe is a search engine optimization of the website. You may ask why is it? And because you get warm clients who independently search for certain products and services.

the web site is the most cost-effective method of its promotion in the PS (search engines). The ratio of traffic to the cost of the transition is the most favorable among all methods of promotion of the website and advertising channels.


Search engine optimization of the website will help raise your business to the next level

Search engine optimization website (seo) is a method of advertising, the main result of which is getting the website in TOP PS. Since 80 percent of all transitions with the PS occurs from the 1st page of search results, the priority is to get your site in the TOP 10. Remember, the higher the position of your website in search results, the more targeted visitors will come, the truth in this case will increase and the cost of the SEO promotion of the website. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective methods to increase attendance of the website, and most important, payback. Essentially this is not a simple and long process, the success of which directly depends on the volume and quality of work of the optimizer.


External and internal SEO optimization

Internal optimization - is a very capacious. An important role is played here:

  • optimized code
  • proper layout of the website;
  • original content
  • the presence of the desired search words and phrases in the right number of occurrences
  • compliance microcathode;
  • right padding of meta tags;
  • the availability of correct files robots.txt and sitemap.xml.

But today, for the successful promotion of a website in the popular PS one only its internal optimization is not enough. So the work done inside your website started giving dividends, you need to run external SEO optimization of your resource.

External resource optimization are aimed at increasing links to Your website, which brings the ratings and attendance. Backlinks most effectively to increase buying anchor links in ranking websites. Due to modern popular FS algorithms that track the growth of all the resources you need to increase external links to your site consistently and without sharp changes and spikes. Otherwise, your website could easily fall under the filter search engines and as a result, falls to issue on several dozen items or will even be removed from search results. That is why the period of promotion of the website should be from 4 to 6 months (and resources young - from 6 to 8 months).

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