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Today, online shopping yavlyayutsI was very popular. In order to quality to make a purchase, you need to know about some of the nuances. Let's start …

Do not enter the low prices

In order from the virtual shopping remained only rosy memories, I advise you wisely choose the shop and the goods and the right to order. First of all, the magicianazine has to be registered in the domain zone ".ua". To open it in the site, the company must be formally registered trademark. But the sites in other domains to be trusted less. For example, the technique of Apple, you can select here:. It should also pay attention to the fact that on the site were given details of the internet store the name of the legal entity. The phone number should be not only mobile, but also urban. Cause for concern and that the e-mail address registered to the free service. In this case, trace the shop owner will be very difficult.

Good shop and choose products!

 I would recommend for beginners and even experienced buyers did not take place at very low prices. &Nbsp; This may indicate that the store sells not cleared or defective goods (this primarily concerns the household appliances). For example, to calculate the "gray" products is very easy: its cost is lower by 10-15% (compared the prices of goods in various Internet-maGazin can be on different sites). It is better to opt for a product whose price by 1-3% higher than in neighboring countries while the risk to buy low-quality goods will be minimal.

What you need to do before you begin your search online stores?

In preparation for shopping on the Internet, it should not be lazy to look aroundirnoy web feedback on the quality of goods and services provided by the selected online store. Any error virtual Seller will be immediately comment on the forums or blogs. Can be trapped on the market and in a nearby store, and even more so in the virtual store. Do not chase the cheap, when it is not sure that it baarity, especially because this segment trade we started only grow. There are no effective mechanisms to protect Internet users, for example, in Germany, or the United States. But it is not far off when the online stores will buy at the level of conventional.

Trusts Internet auction

Online auctions - overezhnee and interesting, but find there is not always desirable. Internet is now everywhere. At the same time it is not always necessary items available in our stores. An alternative here is the Internet. First of all, there is sure to every seller and the buyer - it is desirable to be registered on the site. There must provide a real address, tak how it accounts for the data to access the site. The user is obliged to provide any other information on which it is easy to find in the case of fraud or something else. So what to buy over the Internet is not so scary.

Before you buy goods on eBay, you are sure to learn User reviewsovateley Vendor, watching his rating on the website. Generally, people cherish the reputation and not to make mistakes, and the more deceit. If this happens, then this customer instantly block, and work on this online auction site he can not.

What you need to do to put your item on auction?

To put your item on auction, you need to take pictures, briefly describe it, to register, to set its price and wait for it someone wants to buy. The commission for the sale of very small - 2-3 percent.


On the Internet there are many different websites where you can buy-sell items. And aboutno less reliable, especially because sometimes the owner says he is not responsible for ads shown on the website. It is difficult to assert their rights in such cases, possible speculation, though not required.

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