How to choose a car for business?

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In order to properlychoose a commercial vehicle should be well thought out choice, consider the future development of the business. Unlike car should pay attention primarily to its functionality. So sort out the main aspects of choosing a car for business.

Number of passengers and cargo

Nextuet consider how we intend to use the car, depending on the size and type of the body. You can choose a car for shipment of goods (one or two passengers + load or it will), passengers and cargo (cargo space limited additional seats) and passengers (with a small amount of cargo, due to the maximal numberScrap seats for passengers). Some cars allow to take into account all the nuances within a single model, such as the Mercedes Sprinter, which can be ordered with a variety of body styles, different load capacity and 2 and 4-bed cabin. If the number of passengers or cargo, more can opt for cars LCV. Theycan be used for the transport of two or five. The most often used by small and medium-sized companies. They have a relatively large cargo space.

Features trucks

Commercial vehicles (MCV) - are available in different models, allowing them to carry loads, passfats or passengers and cargo simultaneously. Versions in which you can buy: the passenger compartment (for the transport of persons), the wall that separates the cargo area from the passenger, pickup, van or car trip. This type of machine is carrying a large amount of cargo, as well as suitable for towing trailers.

Power, cargo spacein

Before you buy you need to determine what volume of goods to be transported. This will determine the minimum loading capacity of the vehicle, the length and width of the body, its volume. Since manufacturers offer a wide range of models, we can get the car to exactly match requirementsrequirements. It is worth paying attention to the amount and method of opening doors, often promotes or restricts access to the load compartment (for example, when loading with a forklift). Maybe useful measurement of the width of the load to determine the minimum width of the car body. If you are interested in the car with a certain size of loadV?g? cover - you can choose from offers automakers option precarious wheelbase or the appropriate body type.

Engine Type

In spite of the rise in oil prices, diesel cars less expensive to operate than gasoline. The alternative fuel is a gas, the price of which is almosttwice below. Use the model to calculate the cost of travel for example, 100 km, depending on the type of engine and type of food.

Select Drive

  • The front - to reduce the floor in the cargo compartment and thereby facilitate access to it;
  • Rear - better for the car, which is nerevozit heavy loads or pull a trailer;
  • Full - when driving on rough terrain is the best, but when driving on normal roads is useless, besides the car with a full drive expensive operation and requires more fuel.

The financial aspect

Trudno not take it into account. This applies not only to the price but also the cost of fuel, maintenance, and expenditure on payment of taxes. If you can not afford a new car that is acceptable to you in terms of functionality of the car, look at the old machines.

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